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Presenting is a key business skill. But most people hate the thought of it. Standing up in front of people and speaking. Worried they will forget their words, look foolish, come across boring etc... If that's you my online courses will help you overcome those fears. And you can learn without having to be in classroom full of others. There's a short welcome video from me below and then details of all the courses you can choose from. They all come in a video, audio, checklist and summary notes format so you can choose the learning style that best suits you. Let me help you transform the way you see presenting.

A welcome message from courses instructor and guide Trevor Lee

7 Steps to Successful Presentations

This course will help you transform you into a confident, engaging and successful business presenter. It will give you the skills, tips, techniques and ideas to help you become stand out presenter. Click on the image below and you will go to the home page for this course where you can find out more, including a Q&A section, checkout the free preview and when you are ready start the course itself.

Your Presentation Courses Guide and Instructor

Presentation Coach and Challenger Trevor Lee

Trevor has been delivering presentations for over 35 years and now helps others benefit from his experience and knowledge enabling them to become confident, engaging and successful business presenters. Trevor challenges the presenters he works with to focus on their audience not themselves, avoid too many words on their slides and ensure they have an engaging start and a call to action finish. Trevor is known for his energy, enthusiasm and expertise as he inspires presenters to deliver stand out, impactful and memorable presentations.